Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Class Sleepover!

I really enjoyed the class sleepover. When I arrived, I set up my bed and looked around for my friend Jania. Once she set up her bed, we played around outside. Then we had dinner. There were so many things to eat! When we finished our dinner, and went outside once more. Then we played our first game, couches.

After one round of couches, we had dessert. We got to choose one thing each and we had the choice to have hot chocolate. I chose a cookie and I drank some hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was too sweet! We stayed inside, and then it was time to play an outside game, spotlight. It was shivering cold! Me and Jania got caught! We only got to play one round because it was nearly time for bed. We had 5 minutes of reading (not enough!) and then it was time for lights off. I didn't get to sleep till 1 o'clock!

In the morning, we had toast for breakfast. Then we built forts! Some people who didn't go to the sleepover started arriving before 8:30. I built a fort with Jaya, Jania, and Anneka but Anneka moved out and Hanne moved in. Our fort had a couch (which was a stretcher) and we put a sleeping bag on top of the stretcher. We worked on the couch. Then there was a small space for someone to work in. Our fort was awesome!

I really like class sleepovers!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

My New School!

My new school is called Wa Ora Montessori school. There is preschool, primary, high school and college. My class is called Totara. I think we have 46 students in my classroom. My class is huge. We have an upstairs place and you can work there. We do our work, and my 2 teachers (Richard and Joel) give us lessons in groups. You can also work outside, do some baking, woodwork, PE and gardening.
We also have class pets. We have 3 fish (Richard, Carol and Bubbles) and bunny called Sugar and a guinea pig called Spice.

Every Friday, there is a programme. You do a variety of things in different classes. Every term, we change our programme. Our first class is PE. We had football coaches but now they aren't coming any more. So Hanes (our PE teacher) asked what games we wanted to play. We chose 4 corner soccer and rounders. 4 corner soccer is where you get sorted into one of the 4 corners, get a number and when your number gets called out, you come into the middle and Hanes rolls a soccer ball and you have to score a goal through the cones in the diagonal corner your team is facing. Soon you get into the level where you get double points, or triple points. Rounders is like cricket, but you have to kick a ball and run to the bases and complete obstacles to the end, which is a home run.

We also have Te Reo class, music class, and art class.
Every fortnight Thursday, we have this thing called a community lunch. A group of my classmates will cook lunch and make dessert for us. They set up the tables and put decorations up. On the first day of community lunch, we had spaghetti bolognese and fruit kebabs. On the second time of community lunch, we had soup with breadcrumbs and we had the choice of chocolate or lemon muffin. I had a chocolate muffin.

And every Thursday, a library trolley comes to our classroom and we can issue books.

My brother is in Kauri, and my mum works in the preschool area!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Stop Killing Animals!

Animals are extraordinary and fascinating. Some animals can do things that humans can't do.

But bad things are happening. Heaps of animals are getting killed. We have to stop killing animals.

Hunters should have a limited amount of how much they kill animals.

I know that animals attack or injure humans but that's just what they do. They can attack for many reasons. Some might attack because they are protecting something or someone. Some animals think you are gonna do something. Some animals can attack because they are angry or scared.

Animals do what they are meant to do.It is not good to use animals and punish them with whips and other stuff. That's not what they are meant for.

We also have to stop keeping animals in captivity. Animals don't like it. They don't feel like they are in the right place. Some animals get sad because they are far away from their home and their family that they love. THEY WANT TO BE SET FREE. IN THEIR HABITAT. IN THEIR OWN HOME.


So let's share the world ,both animals and humans! Peace and kindness!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Trip to Wellington!

We are at Wellington. We pasted a lot of towns on the way.


We were off. After 1/2 hours we arrived at Oamaru. We went to the Riverstone kitchen. It was packed with heaps of people! I had a brownie with home made ice cream and I also had a fluffy with a gingerbread baby. It was sooo good!

After that, we went outside and there was a playground! We had a play for a while. The playground was soo awesome!

Then we were off once more.

After 2 and a 1/2 hours, we arrived at Christchurch!

We had dinner at Denny's.

I had hoki with curly fries.

After our meal, we drove to my Dad's friends house (we were staying at his house for a night).

Day 2

When we woke up, we got prepared to go off again.We had breakfast, said goodbye, then left for another journey.

We were of to Picton.

We stopped at Kaikoura. I had a fluffy with marshmallows. The walked near the beach side. It was beautiful.

We left Kaikoura and headed off to Picton.

When we arrived at Picton, we drove to our hotel. We stayed there for the night.

Day 3

We went to have lunch outside. After lunch we went to the park. There was a mini train so we had a ride.

And then, there was mini boats and you could rent them. There was a nearby pond so you could sail them. It was fun watching them go!

After that, it was time to go aboard the ferry. We drove our car to the entering area. We had to wait for a while before parking our vehicle in the ferry.

When we were inside the ferry, we went on the deck to admire the view.

After 4 hours, we arrived at Wellington!

It was a long but fun trip!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

We Are Moving to Wellington!

My Mum got a job in Wellington! So we are moving to Wellington this Thursday! She is going to work in Wa Ora Montessori school. It is really exciting! We are going to visit a lot of places. We are going to drive all the way to Picton (and we are going to stop at some places to rest) and then take a ferry to Wellington.

I can't wait to go to Wellington!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Monopoly: The Here and Now NZ Edition

I asked my parents if we could buy a monopoly board game and they said yes!


Well one day, I came over to Naomi's house. We were bored so Naomi said "Hey let's play monopoly!" "Okay!" I said. "But will you teach me how to play"? "Sure" Naomi said. So we set up the board game and Naomi taught me how to play. It was really fun!

So that's why I wanted monopoly.

We got the here and now NZ edition of monopoly.

And there were different kinds of tokens that you could be for the game.

The tokens are a computer, a sheep, a dog, a surfboard, a jar of Marmite, a car, a pair of jandals, and an air plane.

Here is a picture of the game board.


Mum 3
Ethan 2
Dad 1
Me 0

As you can see I haven't won yet. But I will win one day!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Otago Museum: Revolution 100 years of motorcycles bike exhibit

Today, I went to the Otago museum to check out a new exhibit. It was called: Revolution 100 years of motorcycles.

In the exhibit, there were heaps of olden day motorcycles on display. Compare this old motorcycle from the one we have today!

Look at all these motorcycles!

At the end of the room, you could even sit on the motorcycles and feel what it's like on a motorcycle!

There was also a screen that showed how the motorcycle worked. And beside it you could turn the gear and the piston would move up and down.

On the corner of the room, there was different kinds of tyres and you could spin them around. 

It was really cool looking at all the motorcycles and how things have changed over the years. And it was so cool getting to sit on the motorcycles and to see what it felt like!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Imogen's birthday!

Last Sunday, I went to Imogen's birthday party. We picked up Naomi and drove off to Imogen's house. When we arrived, I saw who Imogen had invited. Imogen had invited 5 other people: Jessica, Zinnia, Leah, Brianna and Sophia. Jessica, Zinnia and Leah were from my school (George Street Normal). We all rushed inside the lounge.

Imogen announced that we could open the presents so we all sat down on the carpet and Naomi was first up. Imogen opened the present up and inside was a gift card. Leah also gave Imogen a gift card. I gave her bag to colour in on the front and the sides with special markers. Zinnia gave Imogen a scented thing. Jessica gave Imogen a smiggle pack. And last of all, Brianna and Sophia gave Imogen a stickalulu trading book. 

After opening the presents, we played a game called "musical cushions". First Brianna won and I was in the semi-finals. Then Naomi won and I was in the semi-finals. Then I think Zinnia won. Then Sophia bet me in the semi-finals. Then I won. And then Jessica, Imogen, and Leah won but I don't know which order they came in. We each got a prize so it would be fair. We all got the same prize but in different colours. We got a hair tie and 2 flower clips. I had a black hair tie with a silver heart on it and 2 pink hair clips. We were allowed to trade so I traded with Sophia. I traded her a pink flower clip and she gave me a black flower clip. 

Then it was time to eat. I had some sushi, salt and vinegar chips and I drank some water. Then, a few minutes later, it was time for the birthday cake. We gathered around to sing "Happy birthday'. After we sang happy birthday, Imogen's Mum cut the cake and we each got a slice. Inside of the cake there was a heart made out of icing! It tasted delicious! 

We played around the house then Imogen's grandma said it was time to go to the nail salon. Every body was excited. We got our shoes on and waited outside. A group of girls had to go in one car, and the others had to go in the other. Me, Naomi, Sophia and Leah went into one car, and Zinna, Jessica, Brianna and Imogen went into the other. 

We were the first to arrive at the nail salon. The santa parade was on. We watched it while waiting for the others. When the others arrived, we went into the nail salon. We got to pick our own colours to put on. I chose black and purple. Then one of the ladies showed me where to sit. She did my nails while I watched at how she did them. First she used a nail filer to file them. Then she brushed my nails with something. Then she told me to wash my hands. After I washed my hands, she put on a base coat and a top coat on my nails. She then painted my nails. She asked me if I wanted them all black or purple or in a pattern and I said I wanted them in a pattern. So she did my nails in a pattern. After she finished, it looked great. She told me to dry them with the fan. I did. 

I asked Zinnia if I could see her nails and she showed them to me. She had 10 different colours! After my nails were dry, I saw Jessica's nails. She had jewels on them! She said she asked for them. There was a lady doing white dots and we got white dots on our nails (except for Jessica). Then I waited for Sarah (Naomi's Mum) to come. She said she'd pick up me and Naomi. When we got picked up, Imogen gave us a party bag and a slice of cake on a plate to take home. "Thank you Imogen" me and Naomi said as we took the party bag and the slice of cake. Inside the party bag there were lollies! 

I had fun with all the games and it was really cool getting my nails done!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ethan's birthday

Last Wednesday, it was my brother's 7th birthday. In the morning, I crept to my parents bedroom to wait for Ethan. I had a present for him. His present was a Dragon Ball Z badge and some Dragon Ball Z cards. I had won that from the prize box at school. My Mum let Ethan choose a present from online. He got a set of Dragon Ball Z figures!

When Ethan went into my parents room, I turned on the light and my Mum handed him a sealed envelope. Ethan ripped the envelope open and inside was a card and some money! After Ethan had opened the card, it was my turn. I handed him the presents. First he took a look at the cards. He liked them a lot. And then he opened the badge. The picture on the badge was some of the characters from Dragon Ball Z. He liked that too.

After school, we went to Farmers to buy Ethan a toy. He choose a Lego Chima toy. It was called the Eagle's Boat. It contained 2 characters called Eglor and Razscal.


                                                   CELEBRATION WITH FRIENDS

Yesterday, Ethan celebrated with 2 of his friends.They were called Otto and Charlie.

First Charlie arrived. He had a present for Ethan. Ethan ripped the present open and inside there was 2 Angry Birds Star Wars Telepod packs. Look what characters he got!

Then Otto arrived. He also had a present for Ethan. Ethan opened the present and inside there was a Lego Chima  toy! It was called Razcal's Glider. It contained Razcal. Ethan had 2 Razcals now!

The boys played on the Wii and they also played with Ethan's toys.

 Later on, we went to Filadelfios to eat. We had pizza and wedges. 

After that, we went back home and played outside. Charlie got picked up and we dropped off Otto.
Ethan had a fun day with his friends!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sausage Sizzle!

On Saturday, there was a sausage sizzle near Jay Jays. The Dunedin Filipino Community were raising money for the victims in the Typoon Haiyan in Philippines. My family helped out at the sausage sizzle. 

We put on some gloves and got started. I handed the bread to my Mum who prepared the sausage. My Dad cooked the sausages. We also donated money. We helped for more than an hour. Me, my brother and my Dad bought a sausage. When my brother bought a sausage for $2, I prepared it for him. I got some bread, put a sausage inside the bread, sprinkled some onions on top, and I also squeezed on some tomato sauce. At last, it was ready. I handed it over to my brother. 

A lot of people bought sausages and some even just donated money!

It was a great experience being able to help out at the sausage sizzle!